Woman Gives Birth Six Hours After Finding Out About Pregnancy

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24-year-old Kayleigh Renwick went to the doctor’s office for a persistent backache she attributed to kidney problems. Six hours later, she gave birth to a baby girl.

Renwick, who is now a mother of two started feeling intense back pains after a visit to the park last May. Being a nurse, she self-diagnosed that her pains were most likely due to a kidney infection and went to the hospital to receive treatment. Renwick could’ve never imagined  she was pregnant, as she still continued to have periods, she lost weight, and a prior pregnancy test came back negative.

However, ater the doctor gave a routine urine test, Renwick received the announcement: she was pregnant.

To take her surprise further, a scan later revealed that she was already 5 weeks past due.

“Just after 6pm I was seeing a doctor and by 7.30pm I was at the maternity ward having a scan,” Renwick recalled. “If they’d said I was four months pregnant I could have got my head around that but they said ‘It’s good news, there’s a baby there and you’re 8cm dilated.'”

“I couldn’t believe it. My body went into shock and I started throwing up,” the mom added. “I had periods throughout the pregnancy and in February was sick a couple of times so did a pregnancy test and it came back negative. There were just no further symptoms.”

Within a few hours of her visit, baby Lucy was born, weighing in at 7 lbs. 7 oz. Due to her overdue state, Renwick’s placenta had already stopped working, and the baby had extremely cracked skin.

“They didn’t know what Lucy had been surviving on and thought she was up to five weeks overdue,” the mom added. “She was back-to-back and they think tucked behind my pelvis which is why I was getting the back ache.”

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