What Does the eTrade Baby Look Like Now?

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The talking baby from the eTrade commercials is no longer a baby!

Four years ago, during Super Bowl XLII, the “eTrade baby” was born.

Since then, the baby has been recognized as one of the most recognizable ads on TV. The Superbowl spot in itself reached over 768 million people and generated more accounts in one day than any other day in the company’s history.

“When we first created the baby, we had no idea if it was the dumbest thing we’d ever done or if it was genius,” says Tor Myhren, chief creative officer at Grey (the agency responsible for the campaign). “I was terrified.”

Soon after the spot debut during the Patriots-Giants championship, the ad went viral, generating a lot of buzz and over a million YouTube hits.

But even then, the ad geniuses at Grey were skeptical. “Truth be told, our agency did not believe that this was something we wanted to extend past the Super Bowl.” Myhren quipped, “We thought, how long of a shelf-life could a baby possibly have?”

Apparently, it’s quite a long shelf life!

Check out the eTrade spot below, as well as one of our favorite spoofs during the stock crash last year.

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