Vietnamese Photographer Captures Eerie Photos of Poor Children’s Dreams

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26-year-old Ho Quang decided to do a photography project that was close to home.

The Vietnamese photography student went to Ho Chi Minh city and took photos of 10 children who were living in poverty. But despite their difficult circumstances, they still dream big.

And so Quang asked them a question: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Collecting their responses, Quang created photos of the kids and their dreams, juxtaposed against their difficult reality and harsh conditions.

“In our country, I have seen a lot of children, they are selling lottery ticket, cake, collecting money, shining shoes, collecting trash every day. And these stories, we are seeing, telling but not acting or even get to know it,” Quang explained.

“The reason why did I chose to photograph children from my country is I used to dream, I lived in small house with my family before we have moved to another place,” he also added. ”Dreaming was and always belongs to children.”

The profits from the sale of the photos will go directly to benefit the 10 children who were photographed.

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