Underground Garage: Russian Nightclub for Kids

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France and America, listen up! You’re not the only ones looking for your tween to grow up!

Enter “Underground Garage” in Chelyabinsk, Russia, a nightclub built just for tweens.

Understandably, there doesn’t seem to be a strictly enforced drinking age limit in Russia, so perhaps this is a way to alleviate the situation by separating the kids from the adults. But then again, maybe it points out exactly to why the age limit was needed in the first place.

Underground Garage creates a social gathering spot that capitalizes on the peer mentality and encourages tweens to drink and be promiscuous. Yes, fake IDs are ubiquitous anywhere in the world, but in this case, kids are given a hall pass to do whatever they please.

Some people may feel that this is a reality that needs to be addressed by better parenting, but do we need to make it so hard for the parents? Are we also saying that where parenting fails, society is not supposed to step in?

While I’m worried about the lower age limit of this club, I’m actually even more concerned about the upper age limit…

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