The Real Story Behind the Evil Birthday Clown (aka Dominic Deville)

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When you search online for the “Evil Birthday Clown“, Dominic Deville’s clown alterego dominates the search results. So who exactly is Dominic and what is the entire truth behind the “Evil Birthday Clown”?

Dominic Deville, a native of Switzerland has an amazingly ordinary life. Despite what popular media has led us to believe, he doesn’t run around town in a frightful clown getup. In fact, Dominic is a creative director at Clockworx, an experience/event management agency. Their client list includes Sony, Electronic Arts, Kraft Foods, and HP among others. And as far as we can tell, none of their projects have involved clowns or circuses (at least none that they’ve publicized!).

Dominic summarizes himself in his website as a “Punk rocker, entertainer, kindergartener.” His short description reveals his personality as an entertainer with a sharp tongue and black humor.

While he’s not accepting any interviews about the “Evil Birthday Clown”, he did write to set the record straight:

Yes, the Evil Birthday Clown did actually exist – however solely in my native Switzerland and only in the summer of 2010. For lack of time I decided to close down that service afterwards. Hence I have to ask you for understanding, that I now longer take up any interview requests concerning that subject.

However, I do want to take the chance and deliver some answers concerning the Evil Birthday Clown:

1.) The clown could only be booked for adults, never for kids under the age of 18.

2.) The service lasted for 5 Days and cost 666 Swiss Francs.

3.) The Clown was in action 10 times in the summer of 2010. Roughly every second person got hit with a pie in the face.

4.) Yes, the inspirations behind the Evil Birthday Clown were the movies „The Game“ and „It“.

Greetings from Switzerland

Dominic Deville a.k.a. The Evil Birthday Clown

So while there are a few disappointed (and relieved) fans out there, we’ll still never know if Dominic’s alterego decides to make a comeback! (cue, evil laughter)

Thank you to our reader Celeste Kidd for pushing us to dig a bit deeper into the Evil Birthday Clown story!

And for those who are need a dose of creepy birthday clowns..check out the one we found below! (Note: While our brains have now been media-wired to associate the Swiss actor with Evil Birthday Clowns, this is NOT Dominic Deville)

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