Teen Stands Up to Cyberbullying in Viral Twitter Campaign

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In a move reminiscent of the high school football captain who started a campaign against cyberbullying, one student takes it to the next level by creating a social account that spreads compliments and goodwill around his school.

To combat bullying, the account @westhighbros was created on October 2011 by high school junior Jeremiah Anthony. Since its launch, he has sent over 3,000 complimentary messages around his school.

“We just send compliments to people who we think are feeling bad a certain day or who have done something really good, like winning a state title,” the WestHighBros founder explained. “I believe that showing the goodness in people is very integral to our account, because so many people on Twitter and Facebook get cyberbullied because they’re less than perfect.”

Check out the video below, “A Sincere Compliment” that explains Jeremiah’s story and the movement he inspired.

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