Spanish Moms Strip to Save School Bus

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A group of moms from a school in Montserrat, Spain have decided to go topless in order to save the school bus.

When officials announced cutbacks on school bus pickups due to lack of funding, some moms decided to do their own fundraising efforts.

And so a racy topless calendar was printed, raising thousands of dollars and enough money to cover the cost of the bus for the entire school year.

While some people applaud the moms for their efforts, others question if this is just too much work (or skin) just for a school bus.

Moms in the area feel that a school bus is absolutely necessary, as the long trek to school is not the easiest. “There’s no sidewalk and there are lots of trucks going fast,” explained Eva Sancho, a mother of three. “The truth is, it’s pretty dangerous for kids to be walking there.”

According to NPR, the calendar has been extremely popular in the small town of 7,000 people.

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