Six-Year-Old Suspended for Sexual Harassment

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First grader D’Avonte Meadows was suspended for sexual harrassment after singing the LMFAO lyric, “I’m sexy and I know it” to a female classmate.

“I only just said the song,” Meadows explained innocently. “I’m sexy and I know it.”

The Aurora School District issued a statement. “Aurora Public Schools is committed to providing equitable learning for all students. We have policies and protocol in place to prevent any disruption to the learning environment. Due to privacy laws, we are unable to discuss appropriate disciplinary consequences about a specific student.”

D’Avonte’s mother, Stephanie Meadows, told ABC that her son got in trouble last month for singing the same song to the same girl. This time, however, school officials also mentioned that he was “shaking his booty” as well.

“I’m going to definitely have to sit with him and see if he understands exactly what the song means,” the mom says.

However, she doesn’t agree with the school’s harsh sexual harassment charges. “I could understand if he was fondling her, looking up her skirt, trying to look in her shirt. That, to me, is sexual harassment,” Stephanie added. “I’m just, I’m floored. They’re going to look at him like he’s a pervert. And it’s like, that’s not fair to him.”

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