Pregnant Woman Lured into the “Maternity Mansion”

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Pregnant women from China have been lured into a small unassuming home in Chino Hills, California. The homeowner has been charging exorbitant prices for women to give birth in the United States, thus providing American citizenship for their babies.

The “maternity mansion”, as advertised on provides a “birthing experience” for mothers, charging up to $15,000 to make their children American.

Unfortunately, while business is booming for one homeowner, neighbors aren’t pleased with this little venture.

“We are trying to get the word out that we are not going to condone this type of behavior and allow this type of business to come into our family-oriented community,” explained Rossana Mitchell, spokeswoman for ‘Not In Chino Hills’, a group rallying against the “maternity mansion”.

The residence has already received multiple police visits after neighbors first feared that it was a human trafficking ring. And just last week, homeowner Hai Yong Wu received a cease-and-desist order for operating a hotel in a residential zone.

The website advertising the home includes tips on hiding pregnancies from immigration officials, while adds perks for American citizenship.

“It’s so blatant and from doing my research, this is an epidemic and it’s nationwide,” Mitchell added. “It’s a way to buy citizenship. We don’t want it here in Chino Hills.”

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