Poignant Father’s Day Ad Angers Men’s Right Groups

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Angel Soft decided to do a different spin on the usual Father’s Day ad, focusing on amazing single moms who raised kids as their mother AND father at the same time.

The ad concludes with “Happy Father’s Day, Mom”, sending a few people to tears while others to rage. After the video’s release, a male rights activist created a video in response, “Angel Soft Commercial Feminism Viciously Attack Fathers Day Masculinity!” Additionally, social media commenters express their anger. “Don’t ruin others father’s day because you lack a father,” one of the users tweeted. “Fuck off.”

Personally, I find the ad pretty powerful, and a great nod to the strong women out there who deserve to be acknowledged beyond Mother’s Day. If the tables were switched and single dads were acknowledged on Mother’s Day, I feel that that would also deserve equal applause.

Watch the ad below.

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