Parents Welcome Two Sets of Twins in a Row

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Just thirteen months after they were born, twin boys Grayson and Garin Martin were  joined by sisters, identical twins Hayden and Harley.

Last week, Jaclyn and Chad Martin from Texas gave birth to a set of identical twins. Surprisingly, this is their second set of twins  in a row, and since they did this without any fertility treatments, they beat the odds by one in 10,000.

“It’s pretty rare,” explained Jaclyn’s doctor, Stephen Stamatis. ” It’s the first time that I actually had a patient with consecutive pregnancies with twins.”

“More than anything I was shocked to hear twins again,” dad Chad Martin said. “I didn’t believe it at first.”

But while the second set was a surprise, having twins is nothing too surprising for the parents, as both sides have twins in the family.

“My dad has twin sisters, and then my great great grandmother had four sets of twins,” Jaclyn shared.

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