Newborn Rescued from Sewer Pipe after Mom Delivers in Public Toilet

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A newborn baby was rescued from a sewer pipe after his mom delivered in a public restroom.

The woman called rescue officials after the baby reportedly got stuck in a pipe below her building’s squat toilet. Raw video of the rescue (below) was published online, prompting an outpouring of public support and outrage for “Baby # 59” who was named after his hospital incubator. The 6 lbs. 2 oz. baby survived the incident after suffering from a low heart rate and minor abrasions across his body.

“His condition is good, but his relatives have not come to pick him up yet,” Wu Xinghong, head of the hospital explained.

After officials found bloody toilet paper in the woman’s apartment, the unnamed mother admitted to secretly delivering the baby in the toilet by herself, as she couldn’t afford a hospital abortion. Unfortunately, when the baby came out, he slipped through the sewer line and got trapped.

“She tried to grab something to help herself because there is too much blood,” a police officer recounted. “She couldn’t hold the baby anymore, and he slid into the sewage through the hole of the toilet.”

The 22-year-old woman is a high school graduate who works at a nearby restaurant. Following a one-night stand, she got pregnant and told no one about the baby. According to Zhezhong News, she hid her pregnancy by wearing loose clothing and tightly wrapping her abdomen.

The case is currently under investigation although police are treating this as a possible homicide.



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