Mother Arrested for Death of Two Sons

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Two young boys have died after their mother left them alone for 90 minutes in an overheated SUV.

Heather Jensen came back to her car only to discover that her sons Tyler, 4, and William, 2, were unconscious in the overheated car that she left outside a Colorado resort.

The 2-year-old died on the scene while the older boy Tyler was airlifted to a hospital but died a week later, both from hyperthermia.

Jensen, 24 originally told officials that she only left the kids in the car for 10 minutes to talk to a friend. She later changed her story and admitted that she left the kids for over 90 minutes after going into the truck of a male friend.

The mother has now been charged with two counts of child abuse, criminally negligent homicide, and false reporting. She was arrested last Wednesday in Fort Myers, Florida.

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