Mom Stabs Infant 90 Times After Baby Bites Her

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An 8-month-oldĀ  baby boy survived after his mom repeatedly stabbed him 90 times with a pair of scissors.

Xiao Bao is now donning over 100 stitches after his mom attacked him. The baby accidentally bit the mom while nursing, prompting the vicious reaction.

Xiao Bao was later discovered by his uncle lying in a pool of blood in their backyard. He was rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

The mother confessed to the crime, although local officials in Xuzhou, China have refused to intervene in this case. They explained that the baby can remain in his mother’s care as they live with two uncles at home.

Some sources claim that the incident is a result of post-partum depression, although there has been no confirmation if the mom is suffering from further mental illness.

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