Kindergartener Shut in and Forgotten in Closet

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A kindergarten teacher decided to put a 5-year-old boy in timeout. Unfortunately, timeout went a bit longer than anticipated, as she placed him in a small, dark room and forgot about him.

James Cagle was worried after his son missed the school bus home last Wednesday. The parents went to the school in an attempt to find their son, only to find him in the classroom “closet.”

Cagle claims that Tanner was inconsolable and urinated on himself out of fear. The teacher admitted to placing the boy in the room and forgetting about him.

“They’re saying, ‘Oh, the door’s unlocked, he could’ve got out,'” the angry dad said. “He’s 5 years old, if he was put in that room he’s supposed to stay there. And then the teacher goes home.”

While Caldwell Superintendent Tim Rosandick explained that the teacher should not have disciplined the child by putting him in the room, no action will be taken against the said teacher.

“If someone called the police and said that hey there’s a dad that locked his kid in a small room with no lights and he was in there so long and he was crying and he urinated his pants, I would be going to jail,” Cagle defended angrily, “If not, then at the very least [Child Protective Services] would be here taking my children. How is it any different for a school teacher?”

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