High School Running Back Gives up Touchdown as Tribute to Teammate

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There was nothing in the way between St. Clairsville High running back Michael Ferns and his 12th touchdown of the season. But just a few feet short of the goal line, Ferns purposefully walked out of bounds.

The teen sacrificed the winning touchdown to set up the stage for teammate and freshman fullback Logan Thompson who suited up, despite grieving for his late father who passed away 2 days before the game.

When the team was well-ahead during the game against Edison, coach Brett McLean asked the players to provide Thompson with the opportunity to score his first touchdown carry.

The plan almost hit a snag when referees were confused and actually called in a touchdown for Ferns, until one of the fellow teammates came to correct them. With the game back into play, Ferns and Thompson switched positions, allowing the fullback to score his first ever touchdown.

“Looking straight up into the sky after scoring my first varsity touchdown…i know the old man was watching! love and miss you so much daddy,” Thompson tweeted after the game.


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