Funeral Turns Into Celebration After “Dead” Man Awakes

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This is no movie plotline!

28-year-old Hamdi Hafez al-Nubi, who was declared dead after suffering a heart attack, has risen from his slumber.

Hospital officials in southern Egypt were called to the scene after the 28-year-old waiter suffered a heart attack on the job. When he was unresponsive, they pronounced him dead.

His grieving relatives took his body home, washed him, and prepared him for burial on Friday.

In the middle of the burial rituals, a doctor was sent to the home to sign the death certificate. Upon closer inspection, she noticed that the body was warm and that the man was actually still breathing.

After hearing the news, the mom fainted. But with the doctor’s help, both her and her son were revived into consciousness.  Instead of the funeral, the family used the opportunity to celebrate al-Nubi’s return from the dead. As for al-Nubi, he can now say that he attended his own funeral, and lived to talk about it.

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