Expectant Father of Quintuplets Receives Shocking News in the Delivery Room: There are No Babies

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When 35-year-old Paul Servat was waiting in the delivery room for his new set of quintuplets, the last thing he expected was the nurse telling him that there were no babies in the first place.

37-year-old Barbara Bienvenue was supposedly pregnant with quintuplets for 34 weeks…supposedly. The mother-to-be fooled her boyfriend, her entire town, and perhaps, maybe even herself.

“We were so happy,” Servat said. “Even my parents, they were so looking forward to having grandchildren. I lost my whole life.”

“The woman had told her boyfriend she was pregnant about a month after they met on an online dating site,” recounted Genevi√®ve Laflamme, a friend of the couple. “At first, she said she was expecting twins. Then it changed to triplets and then quadruplets.”

While some people argued that Bienvenue may have experienced a phantom pregnancy, complete with  a swollen stomach and possible milk production, friends and family explained that Bienvenue has a history of pulling similar stunts. In fact, prior to this incident, she pretended to have cancer and also lied about having twins.

So where is the couple now? “We learned the woman is receiving psychiatric care and her boyfriend is returning all the presents for the babies he could not wait to meet,” WRTV reported.

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