Elizabeth Hurley’s Bikini Line for Young Girls Labelled “Inappropriate”

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After releasing her new line of kid’s swimwear on her site, actress Elizabeth Hurley is now on fire for contributing to the “oversexualization of young girls.”

Right after Jessica Simpson received backlash for posting a photo of her baby girl in a bikini, the internet world is again wagging its finger at Elizabeth Hurley’s new adult-like bikini line targeted to young girls.

“It is very disturbing to see some inappropriate items in this swimwear range,” Claude Knight, Director for the non-profit organization, Kidscape said in a statement.

“I know a number of mothers who are concerned about the sexualization of their children and would be horrified by their daughters dressing like mini-strippers,” Siobhan Freegard, the Netmums founder added.

With the criticism directed at adult-like children’s clothing (remember the french lingerie line for girls?), it seems that the finger should be pointed at the fashion industry and consumers as a whole.

“If we’d just stop buying this misogynistic whore-wear maybe companies would stop trying to sell it to us,” a Huffpost blogger Jen M.L. explained.

A study conducted among pre-teens as young as 6 shows that these kids aim to be perceived as “sexy”, leading psychologists to believe that clothing encourages these kids to become prematurely sexualized.

As for Elizabeth Hurley’s fashion line, a spokesperson tells Huffpost that the line is selling well. “Most of our customers are repeat customers who report that their kids adore the designs,” he added.

So is this proof that the fashion industry will produce any clothing that consumers are willing to buy? Or is this all an overreaction to a highly sensitive topic?

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