Drunk Mom Breastfeeds and Kills Baby

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22-year-old mom Yadina Morales woke up after a drunken night to see that her 2 month old daughter was lying lifeless beneath her.

After a drunken night, Morales decided to breastfeed her baby while “highly intoxicated” and passed out mid-feed. When she woke up and couldn’t resuscitate her daughter, she immediately called emergency officials.

The infant was rushed to the Meritus Medical Center where she was pronounced dead. An autopsy later revealed that the oxytocin in the mom’s breastmilk combined with high alcohol levels was a probable cause in the infant’s death.

“We found that the mother was highly intoxicated and had actually been breastfeeding the child and passed out and ultimately smothered the child,” Sheriff Douglas Mullendore said.

Morales has been charged with manslaughter and second degree child abuse.

Last year, Morales’ boyfriend was charged with child abuse after another of Morales’ children was brought to a hospital with fractured ribs and other injuries.

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