Drunken Grandparents Tow 7-year-old in Toy Car Behind SUV

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Whoever said that grandparents are too uptight have obviously never met Paul and Belinda Berloni. The intoxicated Florida couple were arrested last Sunday after towing their 7-year-old granddaughter behind their SUV.

The Berlonis used two dog leashes to attach a small plastic Hot Wheels car behind their SUV. The little girl then rode on the toy car while her drunk grandfather drove the SUV at 10 mph and granny cheered her on from the cargo area. While the car was going at a relatively slow speed, the girl was not wearing a helmet and was just in a bathing suit.

A patrolling deputy saw the scene and immediately stopped the car. After noticing that Paul was intoxicated, the officer asked for his license. Paul’s response? He didn’t have one, as his license was suspended after 3 prior DUI charges.

Paul and Belinda’s son Justin Oetting was not happy as he came to pick up his daughter. “Are you f—–g stupid? You should know better,” he told his mother.

The Berlonis were charged with child endangerment. Paul Berloni was also charged with another DUI, as well as driving with a suspended license.

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