Boy Celebrates a Uniquely Special Birthday

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Anal retentive people, rejoice!

Kiam Moriya from Birmingham, Alabama will be turning 12 this Wednesday. And if that’s not enough reason to celebrate, he will be celebrating his 12th birthday on 12/12/12 at 12:12pm.

“When I’m turning 12, it’s going to be nothing but 12s,” Kiam said excitedly.

So how special is Kiam?

“Although the number of babies born daily would vary, the average would have been about 11,000 per day,” explained. “Spread throughout the 1,440-minute day, that would be about eight babies in a given minute.”

To celebrate his unique birthday, Kiam will get a Krispy Kreme cake in the shape of the number 12.

Enjoy and Happy birthday, Kiam!

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