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From finding out about relationship statuses, browsing through vacation photos, and sharing your shorthanded comments, social media has redefined what being “social” truly is. A personal touch no longer requires physical contact, and hanging out with friends could all be done online.

Based on a survey commissioned by Chinet, people spend an average of 23 hours per week on social media and almost 93% of these people opt for online vs offline interactions. In fact, 11% of these people have only met up with their online connections in the past three months.

“While social media allows us to be more connected than ever, nothing can replace the value of in-person interactions,” explained Sara Engber, vice president of retail for Chinet. “We’re focusing our efforts on celebrating all occasions – special and every day, making it easier for people to reconnect with family, friends and neighbors.”

So, here’s the challenge from Chinet: disconnect from your online persona and be social. Instead of checking your friend’s pictures online, why not meet up with them in person? Instead of just commenting on your friend’s news feed, why not pick up the phone to tell them what you think? Come back, shut down your online persona, and join civilization!

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