Acne Plagued Teen Walks the Runway During New York Fashion Week

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YouTube star Cassandra Bankson got her first taste of the limelight after posting videos of herself putting makeup on her acne-plagued skin. Now, the teen has gained even more popularity, as she graced the runway during the New York Fashion Week.

19-year-old Bankson started posting makeup tutorials on Youtube as a way of covering up her acne. Throughout her childhood, she has been bullied persistently for her appearance, finally turning to makeup as a solution. With 45 million viewers, it’s clear that a lot of teens relate to her plight.

“I was a total recluse. I didn’t want to talk to or see anyone because of my skin,” Bankson said, adding that these bullies were now reaching out to her in Facebook.

Now, it appears that her luck has turned after earning a spot at the Stacey Igel’s “Boy Meets Girl” show in New York City Wednesday night.

“I’m a small town girl who sits in her living room and films videos all day and now…I’m in New York Fashion Week,” Bankson said backstage. “It’s still a dream. I am so thankful.”

“I had no idea so many people faced similar problems,” she also added. “My videos and definitely my ‘GMA’ appearance allowed me to connect with them.”

Bankson is now a sophomore in college and is pursuing her dreams of becoming a dermatologist and a model. She is also shooting advertisements for Bebe and Range Rover.

“Models shouldn’t be modeling perfection because there is no such thing,” the teen said. “We should be modeling our imperfections.”

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