About Us

About Us

ItsyBitsySteps.com (IBS) was founded on February 2011 in media- and celeb-filled Southern California.

From celebrity bumps to heroic acts and viral videos, the site features the latest celebrity baby (and parents!) news, as well as showcases the most popular news, pictures, and videos related to kids. IBS, simply put, is your one stop shop to all the little people who make it to the headlines.

If you’re interested in writing for IBS, please contact the editor, Joni Lim at itsybitsysteps@gmail.com.

Meet the Team

Joni Lim (Editor)

Anthony Konrad (Editorial Writer)

Sandi F. (Editorial Writer/Technical Staff)
sandi.firmansyah@gmail.com – WebMild.com

Susan Lim (Editorial Writer)

Hyacinth Therese (Contributor)

Anna Karina (Contributor)

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