(IBS) was founded on February 2011 in media- and celeb-filled Southern California.

From celebrity bumps to heroic acts and viral videos, the site features the latest celebrity baby (and parents!) news, as well as showcases the most popular news, pictures, and videos related to kids. IBS, simply put, is your one stop shop to all the little people who make it to the headlines.

Our content such as articles, news and videos, are not always about celebrities. If there’s anything new and exciting happening in the world of parenting, important discussions about family values, household and parent obligations, childrens’ health and education, well, we’ll bring you the scoop on it for sure.

Being a parent involves lots and lots of challenges, so you’re also going to find plenty of helpful advice on how to tackle those parenting hurdles. But of course being a parent also has its beautiful and joyous sides, so we’ll bring you all the latest clips that’ll no doubt bring a smile to your face.