9-Year-Old Girl Impresses in Football, Tackles Hall-of-Famer

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After impressing everyone with her impeccable football skills in an all-boys team, 9-year-old Samantha Gordon paid a visit to the NFL studio.

With over 2,000 rushing yards, 8.2 yards per carry, and 65 tackles, Sam has a record that makes even college players envious.

And last Sunday morning, Sam paid a visit to the NFL Network to go against Hall-of-Famer Marshall Faulk and Warren Sapp.

“I’m the smallest one out there, plus I’m a girl, and I’m tackling all the biggest guys,” she explained her defense strategy.

And what do the bigger kids say they get tackled by pint-sized Sam? “They don’t say anything — they kinda just get up and walk away.”

Watch below as Faulk and Sapp get a first-hand look at Sam Gordon’s tackling prowess.

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