6 Things Only Parents of Big Babies Will Understand

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Baby’s weight off the charts again? That new outfit you bought already too tight? Welcome to the big baby club.

1. Workout? Me? Try lugging 20 pounds of weight everyday.

Source: fitmomintraining.com

2. Breastfeeding, or any feeding for that matter becomes a challenge. Whether or not you’re a proponent of attachment parenting… that’s what it looks like whenever you breastfeed.

And the Football hold? Forget about it!

Source: kidspot.com.au

3. You have to answer questions like, “Why he isn’t he walking yet?” “Is he talking yet?” “Why isn’t he feeding himself?” He’s not behind…He’s not even one!

Source: sheknows.co.uk

4. All the really cute baby clothes come in smaller sizes. Face it, the 0-3M size is nothing but a distant memory.

Source: dailymail.co.uk

5. Whenever you shop for baby gear, the first thing you check is the weight limit.

And yes, unfortunately, that means a lot of returns.

Source: walmart.com

6. Bigger babies give the biggest hugs.

Source: hdwallpaperimages.com

Here’s to the little big babies in our life!

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