3 Small Changes to Keep Your House Clean

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Face it. We sometimes don’t have enough time to clean the house every week, let alone every day. Here are some quick time-saving habits that could keep your house looking fresh in-between cleanings.

1. Implement a no-shoes policy

  • Minimize the amount of dirt that gets tracked through your house, by making everyone leave their shoes at the door.

2. Load your laundry and unload your dishwasher in the morning

  • This small change can ensure that you have clean clothes and dishes everyday. And who wouldn’t want that?

3. Empty your trash frequently and use an odor-neutralizing trash bag

  • There’s nothing that screams a clean house than the smell of fresh laundry and the absence of that old trash smell. Emptying your trash in a timely manner ensures that the smell doesn’t permeate through the house. If you don’t have time to change it often, make sure you use an odor-neutralizing trash bag. We recommend Glad Kitchen Odorshield Gain to keep your kitchen clean and neutralize any odors all day. (And who doesn’t love the smell of fresh laundry?)

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